Pastor’s Corner – October 2023

Bill & Beth Horton

Pastor’s Corner – October 2023

Did you know that we are in a time of transformation? We are entering October, and change will be all around us. It has already started getting cooler. The sun goes down earlier. And yes, those beautiful leaves are about to change like a new blanket covering the Earth.

We are also in a political time of change. As I write this, there is a Republican Presidential debate on TV from the Reagan Library in California tonight. President Biden has his detractors, especially wondering if he can still serve another term because of his health. And former President Trump faces many legal issues that may change the shape of the political landscape.

It is also a time of spiritual change. We all know about lower church attendance. We all see the way society around us and the culture we live in are going “downhill”-away from God’s precepts and away from His Holy Word. Slowly and steadily people think it is ok to do what they are doing, even though the Bible calls it sin. One day, they are in for a real awakening! It is a change for the worse.

But like a pendulum, all is not lost-because one day we will be called out of this old world to be with our Jesus-forever and ever! And one day, our Messiah will come again, stepping foot on the Mount of Olives, cracking it in two, as He comes at the end of the Battle of Armageddon and defeats the antichrist; the false prophet; and binds satan for 1000 years. What a great transformation that will be as we enter the Millenial Kingdom and are with our Lord-and all those saints who have gone before!

Change can be hard-but in God’s hands-we are safe and blessed through it all. Praise His holy name!

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