Pastor’s Corner – February 2024

Bill & Beth Horton

Pastor’s Corner – February 2024

When we think about the month of February, we often realize it is the month that is smack dab in the middle of winter, so snow lovers love this month, especially for those who live where there is a lot of snow. For instance, Anchorage Alaska already has 100 inches of snow! For the rest of us, we try and grin and bear it, waiting until the first tulip appears!

When we think about February, we may also think about 2 of our greatest Presidents-Washington and Lincoln, and their birthdays. Without those brave men, we wouldn’t have the great nation we have today.

But more than likely, the one word people usually associate with February is the word “love”. We celebrate Valentine’s Day, and we express the love we have to those who are the most close to us. Maybe by giving a card; some flowers; some candy; maybe even jewelry. Something to show that person they are loved.

Jesus certainly loved us all. He was willing to give 100% of Himself as He left the invisible spiritual world of the Trinity and became the visible God-man, Jesus Christ. He did build that bridge between a filthy mankind and a holy God, by using those 3 rusty nails; 2 pieces of wood; and 1 wooden cross. That was the ultimate in showing love.

But love is not just for friends and family. As Christians, we need to again be that reflector to those who are alone and need God’s great love. Reflectors as a Christian that allows God’s love to reflect off of us and onto others. This year, may we all try our best to share the love of Jesus with those around us. It never needed God’s love more than it does today. Thank you Lord for loving us so.

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