Pastor’s Corner – January 2024

Bill & Beth Horton

Pastor’s Corner – January 2024

Yes, Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone. The holidays and their joy have begun to fade away from memory. Suddenly, winter has come. The cold has come, and now we are in the midst of the bleakness of winter.

But even in the midst of the cold, there is still hope and love. In a little while, on January 14, we celebrate the Sanctity of Human Rights Sunday. For the world, abortion and taking lives seem to be ok. But in God’s eyes, every life is precious. Red and yellow, black and white. They are precious. For those who are poor and those who are seeking something more than their selves, they are precious. And from the unborn to the very elderly-they are also precious to God.

But even in the midst of the cold, there is still hope and love. Some things happened at Forsyth Park years ago before I ever came as Pastor. There was strife. There was division. Some left the church, never to come back. Those who stayed tried to seek God’s will and seek His face in all matters.

I wasn’t here yet. And neither was Brad Wright, the current director of the Triad Church Network (formerly the PMBA). He is coming to Forsyth Park on the 14th of this month. I asked him to come and bring the message, and then to stay; have a meal with us; and then answer questions any may have. Both he and I see the possibilities of a partnership between church and association becoming strong again, pleasing Jesus as we work together.

Beth and I have had lunch with Brad, and I believe he is a good man. If we are to stay in the Association, a smaller church like ours can add to
the kingdom of God by working together with other Baptist churches and accomplish more for the Kingdom of God.

I believe it is essential for us as Christians to strive to heal the wounds. To be willing to rejoin our brothers and sisters in serving Him.
To not allow satan to divide, but instead to ask Jesus to guide us to heal and move forward. For too long, our membership has been hurt from the
past, and have been suspicious of anyone from the Association.

But I do not believe this is what God wants from us anymore. I hope you will listen to Brother Brad when he comes with an open mind and open heart. I wasn’t here, and Brad wasn’t here. I pray our folks at Forsyth Park will be willing, as a Baptist church, totally working on our own self-governing manner yet also working with other Brothers and Sisters to do much more together than separately.

Come and hear Brad Wright. In the midst of the cold, pray for the Holy Spirit to not only be present that day, but every day from then on, as we seek the face of God in all we do at Forsyth Park. May we do all for His kingdom. The church is Jesus’ church. Let’s put on the horse blinders, and keep our eyes on Him. May all we do be precious and pleasing to our Lord Jesus-for His glory.- Pastor Bill

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