Pastor’s Corner – March 2023

Bill & Beth Horton

Forsyth Park Caller

March 2023

Pastor’s Corner

From the poem Signs-“Daffodils and tulips impatient underground,
In March sent up a crocus to take a look around.
She called “Its still winter there’s frost on everything.”
But a passerby who saw her said “a crocus-it is Spring!”

Its been a crazy few months, hasn’t it? Here we are in January into February into March, and we have had 80 degrees and NONE of that dreaded 4 letter word that starts with an “S”! Now I don’t mind seeing it fall when it stays on the roads-but I haven’t gotten over the time I spent in Beckley WV with ice and snow that stayed on the road for weeks and didn’t want to leave! Yuck! Give me warm weather anytime! I know we still have March and even April to go-but there’s hope!

I don’t know if it’s the fact everything has been blooming earlier and allergy season is hitting or what, but there certainly are a lot of people I know who have been sick in one way or another. So many sinus sufferers and even some covid sufferers. Throw in some stomach bugs, and that’s not much fun! Please stay home from church if you are sick. Wear masks if you come if you think you need to do so out of caution. Doesn’t hurt and might help!

We will come out of this and hopefully get back to doing more things for the church and community. Pray for the Lord’s guidance. Have a cheerful heart. He is in control! May His Name be ever praised!

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