Pastor’s Corner – August 2023

Bill & Beth Horton

Pastor’s Corner – August 2023

Giving to the Trellis House (Hospice). Helping provide for the fair workers through waters, snacks, and Christian materials with the association. Donating for the Food Round-Up for NC Baptist Children’s Home. Helping with the Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong offerings. Collecting shoeboxes for Samaritan Ministries for children. White Christmas dry goods for needy families in the area. Providing for the Ronald McDonald House. Giving to the Mother’s Day fund to help families at Baptist Hospital. Giving to the NC Baptist Men’s Disaster Response Team.

These are just some of the Mission projects our church has contributed to over the last year. Led by our Missions Committee (Janie Hooker; Kay Flynt; Grace Crosswhite), our little church has done a lot to help people in our community; our city; our state; and beyond.

As Christians who love the Lord, we should always keep our focus upon Him and His Holy Word. With everyone focused only upon Jesus, we can better work together in harmony and accomplish goals together as we help others in His glorious name.

We are attempting to add to our projects and help even more as we are able. The name “Missionary” may not be part of our official title as it is with some churches-but it is at the heart of who we are.

As we enter the last month of summer and begin to look to the Fall and the holiday season, may we continue to be open to opportunities to serve. We all must remember “There but for the grace of God go I”. All of us could easily be in trouble financially and otherwise. Jesus came and helped those in need. But His main focus was on helping them spiritually. As we help meet physical needs, may we always be willing to share the Gospel and meet the spiritual needs as well. Jesus told us in Matthew that as we do unto others, we are doing unto Him. May we continue to strive to walk in the footsteps of our Savior, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in each endeavor. All to the glory of Jesus.

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