Forsyth Park Caller March 2023

The Christian Home

The Christian home is a haven and founded upon the Rock
Held firm by the Heavenly Father, protected from every shock.
With Christ the Head of the household, all things take their proper place,
His sweetness and gentleness filter the trials and cares to erase.
No problem too great for His wisdom, no trouble too small for His care,
Whatever the danger may threaten, the Savior will always be there.
God’s Word brings the light of His presence, in blessing and strength to His own.
No good with he hold from His loved ones who are building a Christian home!
-Velma Redlfs

Let’s Grow Old Together

Let’s grow old together hand and hand, you and me,
Sharing life’s great moments, keeping each other company.
Living, loving, laughing, smelling roses as we go.
Even when our eyesight dims, and the steps that we take are slow.
And no matter where life leads us, remember, this is true-
Today, tomorrow…forever-I will always love you.
-Judith Bulock Morse


A careless word may kindle strife, a cruel word may wreck a life.
A bitter word may hate instill; a brutal word may smite and kill.
A gracious word may smooth the way; a joyous word may light the way.
A timely word may lessen stress; a loving word may heal and bless!

By His Grace

Have you missed the golden highway that leads upward unto God
Over which a loving Savior in His mercy long has trod?
Have you felt alone, discouraged, do your troubles seem to grow?
There is someone who can help you, He’s the someone you should know.
He’s the helper of the helpless; He’s the lover of the soul.
He’s the giver of salvation; by His grace you can be whole!

All Brothers and Sisters

Dear God, do not let me fail to see the part in each of us made in the image of Thee. Let me overlook the cut of hair; the oddities we wear; the differences in accent and in skin color. Let me aware that we are all kin. Let me love each one as Jesus would, counting all brothers and sisters, as Christians should!
-Ruth Cox Anderson

Things to Think About

God delights in the humble person and promises to exalt him.
He is happy who finds his peace at home.
We go to Heaven not because we belong to a church but because we belong to Christ!
Those who live for eternity can die in serenity.
Do not blame God for the harvest when you do the sowing.
Some don’t know what happiness is until its gone.
Anchor yourself to the throne of God-then shorten the rope!


Two women were boarding the plane. One of them turned to the pilot and said “Now please don’t travel faster than sound. We want to visit.”

A little boy asked his teacher if he should be punished for something he hadn’t done. The teacher said “No, certainly not”. The boy said “Good, I didn’t do my homework.”

A wife who had joined a bowling league returned from her first attempt at the new sport. Her golfing husband asked how she did. She said “Well, at least I didn’t lose any balls!”

Mother leaves a note to her son-“Young man, there were 4 cookies in the jar last night. Now there is only 1.” The boy responded “It must have been so dark I didn’t see that one!”

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