Pastor’s Corner – September 2023

Bill & Beth Horton

Pastor’s Corner – September 2023

I may have said this before, but once again-I like Fall the best! It’s a time when the heat of the summer has begun to leave, and the transition to Autumn begins. The days are a little shorter-but you get an extra hour of sleep! The trees are a bit more bare-but the leaves make such a beautiful coat of many colors before they fall and crunch under the weight of happy children playing. Of course for those of us who like such things, there is the beginning of football season-high school, college, and yes-hopes that the new Carolina Panther team, with its new coaches and players, can do better than the last few years! Football doesn’t care what race you are; what gender you are; or even what political party you belong to-it brings its fans together in one common cause-rooting for the “home” team. Can you say “Go Deacs?”

And with Fall, we get a little closer to events I like. Mayberry Days. Autumn Leaves Festival. The Dixie Classic Fair (did I say that!). And of course Veterans Day, as we thank those who are serving; and Thanksgiving and Christmas, as we gather with family and friends.

I don’t know what your favorite season is, but I hope the Lord is in the midst of it all. May we remember where our blessings come from. May we remember to stop and give Him all the glory He deserves. And may we always remember that the best of all seasons is still ahead-a beautiful, glorious, joyful place called Heaven for those who are Christians. Thank you Jesus for all your blessings-may your holy name be blessed forevermore.

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