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Forsyth Park Caller June 2023

Pastor's Corner Father’s Day has always meant different things for me. I had several father figures in my life, and have been one for others. My folks divorced when I was in the second grade, and we moved from North Dakota to North Carolina, where I had been born to...

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Forsyth Park Caller April 2023

True Freedom Found in the Empty Tomb It was a striking picture. Despite the sandstorms and blistering heat, two soldiers stood in the middle of their Kuwaiti camp digging a man-sized hole in the ground. With help from their comrades, they lined the hole with sandbags...

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Forsyth Park Caller March 2023

The Christian Home The Christian home is a haven and founded upon the Rock Held firm by the Heavenly Father, protected from every shock. With Christ the Head of the household, all things take their proper place, His sweetness and gentleness filter the trials and cares...

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