Pastor’s Corner – June 2023

Bill & Beth Horton

Forsyth Park Caller

June 2023

Pastor’s Corner

Father’s Day has always meant different things for me. I had several father figures in my life, and have been one for others. My folks divorced when I was in the second grade, and we moved from North Dakota to North Carolina, where I had been born to be with my maternal grandparents. My grandfather was extremely special to me, sharing sports games; learning how to play baseball; helping me learn to drive, etc.

I had a step-father while in junior high, but let’s not go there. A few years later, my dad came back into my life. When I was at wake Forest, I played intramural basketball. I remember one day in the winter, my dad came in with his boots on and found a chair to watch me play. And he hates basketball! It has been a blessing to have him in my life since.

In 1983, Beth and I were about to be married. Her dad John sat in a room with me while we were waiting. He was a bit intimidating-a big, proud Italian man who I had only met a couple of times. But over the years, I came to respect him and even love him for raising my wife and her siblings.
As Beth and I raised our son and daughter, I not only taught a lot of lessons, but learned many myself. Then as a grandfather of three, it has been a real blessing to be around them and taking them to church.

Our Father in Heaven has shown us how to be a father and has blessed many of us with families. May we rededicate ourselves to being the fathers and grandfathers the Lord would have us be.

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