Pastor’s Corner – July 2024

Bill & Beth Horton

Pastor’s Corner – July 2024

As we once again get ready to celebrate our country’s birthday, we are reminded fresh and anew that freedom is not free. We are free, and we take that for granted every day. We assume everyone in the world has such freedom, but it isn’t true. Freedom is precious. While most of us would disagree with the President’s border policy, and we would disagree with Illegal immigrants coming into our country every day and getting benefits from the government, most of us acknowledge that our ancestors came from somewhere else in the world also. But most of them did so legally. And that makes all the difference.
Why do so many come? For better opportunities. To escape their government’s persecution. For many reasons. But to have real freedom-where you can live where you want; work where you want; go where you want-that’s freedom many do not have. I will be speaking this Sunday June 30 about the men and women who fought for freedom-and who died for freedom. I hope we will be reminded that freedom isn’t free.
We have to also remember we have an even more precious freedom-that is freedom from the shackles of sin that still bind so many in the world. For all those who follow false religions-for all those who do not acknowledge and accept Jesus as Lord-they are bound by satan and their sin, and will suffer the fires of hell if they don’t change quickly. Jesus paid the price for our spiritual freedom, and yet so many times we take that for granted too. Stop each day and say thanks. Thanks to the ones who fought for our freedom-and thanks to the One who died for us. Enjoy this day-and every day-you can say you’re free.

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